Seattle Sounders vs. Manchester United

I spent last evening at Century Link stadium here in Seattle and had the wonderful experience of seeing Manchester United play. They are doing a tour of the states and they played our home team, the Sounders, in a “friendly match”. No one expected the Sounders to win, and competing wasn’t the point of the match, anyway. Our Sounders played the usual starting 11 for the first half, and I think they did a pretty good job holding their own. Our keep, Casey Keller, a veteran of the English Premier league, did some amazing saves, and we held Man U to 0-1. We missed a few good opportunities. Oh well.

The second half, almost all of the first half players were substituted, including Keller, and additional substitutions were made toward the end of the game with some players I had never seen before. We didn’t do as well. (Understatement). Casey’s replacement, Terry Boss, let them sail past him, one right after another. And the main damage was done is the last 20 minutes when mostly 3rd-stringers were on the field. So it ending up being a 0-7 rout.

So we got clobbered. Big deal! I am happy for the opportunity for all of our players to get to play against the big boys. Hats off to Siggy Schmid to give them all play time. I am sure our team learned a lot, and it was most enjoyable to watch Man U do their magic without having to make a trip to the UK. Our stadium was packed with 67,000+ fans, and thank God, it wasn’t raining for a change. A most enjoyable and memorable evening for sure.

A packed stadium, a nice view of the Seattle skyline to the north.

We have awesome season ticket seats in section 128. Thanks to my wife, Merrilyn and niece Jennifer for giving up their seats to my nephew Scott and me.


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