An apple from Down Under

Did a little grocery shopping at Puget Consumer’s Co-op (PCC). There are several scattered around the greater Seattle area. They are truly the epitome of natural food stores. I mean, we’re talking total health food Nirvana. Everything is organic, and I mean EVERYTHING. Not like Whole Foods (owned by Disney) where some things are organic and other things are laden with carcinogenic DNA-disruptive brain-damaging chemicals.

(Just kidding about Disney. Maybe they are, I don’t know. And obviously, the nasty description about the non-organic substances is highly speculative. Okay, I just covered me arse here; I can move on… )

I LOVE PCC!! It is one of those places I like to shop at and it puts me in a good mood. The only thing that tempers my warm and fuzzy nirvanic glow are the prices. I mean, who wants to pay $10.99/lb for organic lunch meat? Unlike the natural food stores of old, their produce is BEAUTIFUL. No inevitable worm holes in their apples. Can you imagine biting into an organic apple with a worm hole and suddenly finding yourself in an unchartered corner of the universe? Me neither.

However, I bought this little beauty that was grown in New Zealand. Didn’t notice this until after I got it home. Have you ever seen an apple like this? Perhaps this one has one of those cosmic worm holes. Makes one wonder what strange experiments are being conducted on apples down under.


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