Big Bamboo

Last fall our friends Dave and Jeanne Powell graciously let us dig up some of their forest bamboo for transplant into our backyard. Digging up bamboo is no small job, and after I couldn’t even manage to dig up one plant without putting my hand at risk, I hired my nephew, Justin for the heavy digging and lifting.

Once spring hit, I have been inspecting the transplants almost daily, and YEA!!, the plants have finally started to put out shoots. Once firmly established, this bamboo will grow to heights of 25 feet. You may wonder why we would want to put such big bamboo in our yard. Well.. we want to mitigate the feeling that we are under constant surveillance from our neighbors.

Yep, we would like to cover up those windows.

See all those shoots to the right?

Check out the tall shoot behind the transplant.



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