Nicknames for our dog

About five years ago, Merrilyn and I adopted a 5-year old Australian Cattle Dog mix from the local shelter. Apparently he had got picked up and taken to a shelter in Tonasket, WA and then transported over here to Woodinville. If you have never been to Tonasket, you are not missing much.

The name they gave him was Chad. Does he look like a Chad to you? Indeed not!

I named him Jake. But he has many nicknames that vary depending on mood or season. Here are a few:

  • Jacob – not really a nickname, just a formal version of his given name
  • Bubba – we were wondering for awhile if this was his original given name, since he seemed to answer to it readily
  • Bubzies – my latest nickname for him
  • Pooky
  • Boozhie Boy
  • Silly
  • Monkey Boy
  • Jacobs – not implying he has multiple personalities

The fact that I, a grown man, would have such ridiculous names for our dog is somewhat embarrassing, but the idea that I would admit it before God and cyberspace–well–have I no shame? Let’s call it healthy and cathartic self-disclosure–and, airing all is just a compassionate act to let others know that they are not alone.

I bet that you, the reader, have come up with some ridiculous names for your pets as well. I cherish in advance your responses.



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4 responses to “Nicknames for our dog

  1. Claire

    hahaha! love this!!
    I rescued my adorable/crazy dog last year during the Olympics. She needed a home and after being passed from a few different people & the vet, i finally got her! i was told her name was Madeline, or Maddie but i’m not sure if that was her name for the first 5 years of her life, or only the last few months. i have a friend named maddie so i decided my dog couldn’t be the same…names for my 5 pound, 6 year old, very sweet but very neurotic papillion; Sophie are as follows:

    Sophia Loren (her official name, for her beautiful eyes that look like she’s wearing eyeliner…cleopatra style..that was also in the running)
    Blackie (Ben calls her this…she has no black on her)
    Grumpy or Silly (depending on her mood)
    Bambi, Bunny, or Foxy (i think she looks like a combination of all 3)
    Death Dog (my dad (Tim) calls her this…i forget how it came about..)
    “your” dog or “that” dog (Sasha’s name for her..they’re not exactly on friendly terms, he also thought of “kitty” & “rat”)

  2. Sue

    LOL…. I have a black cat I adopted from.the shelter. They named her Colleen, but like your dog didn’t look like a Colleen, so I named her Maggie, as in Magdaline, but Magdaline didn’t stick well. I had adopted an orange cat about a month before. Her name was Hope, but that’s a.hard to name to call and sound urgent, so I called her Abigail, Abby for short, which I thought much more suitable for a red head.

    When I would come home from work, the cats raced to the door to greet me, (Although I’m not sure how much a cat greets.their owner or is just trying to get me to follow them to the kitchen and.fiil their dinner bowls) Anyway… Abby, was always the first to arrive, “Hey Abby, Sweety, Sugar, MaMa “…. and Maggie followed, “Hey BooBoo ! ” (as in Yogi Bear and BooBoo)

    So, BooBoo is what stuck, although she knows Maggie, but she also seems to understand that name goes with kennel and vet “( . So BooBoo, sugar, sweety, kitty…. But mostly just BooBoo.

  3. Well my bro-in-law, that was a fine piece of writing and you really hit on a great point. As for myself and my many dogs, here are a few….Brownie (from Zack), aka…noser, digger o’dell and Side-Kick. Bubba (from me) aka..bubbadubb’s, dubblett and bear boy. Derby (from Jim) aka..biddles, biddlyboo and DERBYDOG. And finally, Zoff (his given name was Zoff Vom Liepenheimer Moor) aka…Bodie Zoffa, Big ears, Jaws and “My Buddy”. I loved them all and will miss them forever. Each left an indelable mark on my heart and taught me much. How to love, play, laugh at myself and that Good-Bye is just temporary…Thankyou for reminding me how much pet’s give…Smiles and love my friends. You are gone..yes, but NEVER forgotten. Love, Kat

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