The Lawn Curse

Most of my life as a homeowner has been plagued by what I refer to as “The Lawn Curse”. It has been very difficult for me to keep a healthy lawn. It seems like whenever I get a lawn in somewhat healthy shape, something comes along to mess it up.

Case in point with my current lawn. Here in western Washington, our yards are invaded by a nasty weed called buttercup. I was happy when we moved into our home six years ago when there was not a trace of buttercup to be found anywhere in our yard. Little did I know that my neighbor’s yard was already infested with it, and in very little time, it invaded our back yard. For the past three years, it has been taking over the lawn.

And now, having dispatched a significant portion of buttercup with Weed-B-Gone, the ultimate injury has occurred. The moles are back.

In just the past 48 hours, we have about eight mole hills, four of which are pictured here. I learned last time around to call in the professionals. There is a local guy who runs a business called Whack-a-Mole (I kid you not) who effectively got rid of the last batch of critters last autumn.

What about you? Do you have any lawn woes that you would be willing to share? It helps to know I’m not alone.



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8 responses to “The Lawn Curse

  1. Grandpa Ken puts firecrackers in the holes and sends them off :)

  2. Lilla Attwood

    The lovely yellow flowers that indicate an edibile green is living in my yard.. ;-)

  3. Hey Kelly, The new blog theme looks great! As for the lawn, I bought a couple of min pins and no more moles! Now I just have to clean up after the min pins which forces me to get out there and enjoy the yard a little more. It’s all good!

  4. You did the right thing!
    Trapping them is the most effective measure to remove them from your yard. Any grub killer will make them move a bit but moles eat about 70% earthworms so a healthy lawn has plenty of those.
    I just removed 16 from about a 2 acre apartment complex.

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