Here’s a healthy snack I discovered when reading the Change Your Brain, Change Your Body book by Dr. Daniel Amen (giving credit where credit is due). Hard boil an egg, discard the egg yolk (full of evil cholesterol and bad fat) and replace it with hummus.

Yes, I would rather go to a bag of tortilla chips. (And yes, I need to stop thinking that way.) But I can’t stop eating from a bag of chips once I start, so I can’t go there. The important thing about a snack is it keeps me eating more frequently, but eating less. And the snacks should be healthy and include some protein. Other snack ideas:

  • Apple and a string-cheese stick
  • Celery with natural peanut butter (think Trader Joes, not Skippy)
  • A Wasa or Ak-Mak cracker (or two) with some tuna or smoked salmon
  • Some baby carrots with a small handful of almonds or walnuts
I would LOVE to hear your suggestions for other healthy snacks. Yes, I’m asking for reader participation.





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2 responses to “Snack

  1. There is a local company (Mirracole Morsels, Kingston) that sells Lavender Granola – heavenly! I like to put a couple of tablespoons into fat-free vanilla yogurt. The trick to not over-doing it with this snack is to try and fit your granola into the yogurt container instead of transferring it to a bowl.
    Central Markets carry this granola in their bulk foods section or you can hop the ferry and walk over to the Old Kingston Hotel (to the north or right of the ferry kiosks, through the parking lot to traffic the light – the granola is made right in that building! It is a co-op bakery, so you will have to resist pies, cakes, cookies, delicious breads, etc. (drool-drool) that are also available there.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Shirley!! So, just curious: The Mirracoles of Mirracole Morsels, do they live next door to the Randy of Randy Kan?

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