$ makes my head hurt

This year, I have really made strides to get my act together with regard to officially setting up a business, getting a business account, and come up with some sort of accounting system. Well, er…I got the first two accomplished. I created Kelly Carpenter Music LLC, got a business license with the State of Washington, got a business checking account, got a PO box as an official address. But as far as getting a real accounting system in place, I have been putting that one off. Here it is almost-July already and feeling horribly guilty about having this item on my list and bringing it forward from one to-do list to the next. This un-checked-off item stares at me with its huge lidless eye.

I’ve been thinking of getting Quick Books. But at $299 for the Mac version, that’s pretty “ouch”. Then I looked at another program for the Mac called Accounting Edge. Similarly priced, but it offered a free 30-day trial, and who could resist that. So I downloaded it and tried to get started. Now my head hurts.

Problem is–well I have a few–these accounting packages are way OVERKILL for what I want to do. I just want a place to track music sales as well as gig revenue. I need to get a handle on my inventory. I need to keep track of my monthly bills, various expenses, and equipment/software acquisitions. I would like to record sales of music without having to create a “customer” record or an invoice or stuff like that. I need simple. Simple doesn’t seem to exist. Does anybody out there who does the music thing know of anything simple to use? Please let me know.

Meanwhile, I’ll just have to come up with something in Excel. I know accounting, more or less, what a chart of accounts is, balance sheet, etc. I know Excel. So, here goes… Ughhh…

But my head hurts too much to think any more about it. So, I chose instead to blog about it.



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5 responses to “$ makes my head hurt

  1. Kelly, Quickbooks is the bomb. Yes, it is overkill, but there are a number of reasons why it’s a good choice.
    1) All the CPA’s you may consult with use it
    2) You can tailor Quickbooks to your specific kind of business
    3) There are ways to create a generic Sales receipt that do not require you to record individual customer info

  2. Kelly,
    I also use Quickbooks, have for about ten years, and I really like it. Yes, it is a touch expensive, but it can handle anything you throw at it, and it’s easy to compile all of my data to take to the CPA every year when it’s tax time. Oh, and I do use a music business CPA for my taxes because he knows ALL of the legal tax breaks.

  3. jo

    Hi Kelly!
    I love QuickBooks!
    Apple is selling QuickBooks for Mac for $179.00.
    It sounds like your needs are not complex, so you won’t need the more expensive QuickBooks Pro.

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