Passage Liner Notes

I have been fast and furious working on the CD package design for my upcoming CD “Passage”. Here are some of the liner notes… 

It all started with a dream… a dream that practically all studio musicians share… warming up for a session with some impromptu jamming while the studio engineers finish their setup… 15-30 minutes of the sheer joy of making raw music, getting in the zone, playing whatever we feel like… everything sounding terrific in the headphones… the thought would land: what if we could just go into the studio one day and record this?

It was summer of 2010… I was part of a house band at a conference in Canada enjoying many a good jam together while providing afterglow music for the end of each session…that’s when I knew: I should bring these chaps into the studio and just do this… this will be my new record… I already knew I wanted something different than my last instrumental album, mostly piano and acoustic guitar… so this is it: a full band jamming over some pre-arranged chord progressions… let’s see what happens…

We’ll record this in Canada… I wanted to record this with the “back line” of the Canada band: Brian, Calum and Darcy, along with my musical buddy over the years, Scott Burnett… Calum recommended the studio: Mushroom Studios in Vancouver, Canada… the Mushroom that is part of music legend…Heart recorded their first there…The Supremes, Led Zeppelin, Loverboy, BTO, Sarah McLachlan…

We’ll keep this simple… With date and location set, now it’s time to write some material… I figured I’d come up with several chord progressions… just keeping it loose enough for the band to be spontaneous… yet, as I was writing, something different began to take shape… distinct musical pieces started to emerge… I kept reminding myself: “keep it simple”… then the realization struck me: I was no longer in control… I’m not really writing this music, this music is writing me… and a story line is forming… something about a journey… what is happening?… something wonderful…

The story unfolds… The project becomes a story about a journey… the making of this album a journey unto itself, new ideas around every corner… oh, how I love the creative process!!…somehow, this evolved into a soundtrack of sorts… certain thematic elements, or “leitmotifs“, are introduced and then recur throughout… can you pick them out?… you will have to listen all the way through to find them… so what is this journey about?… you, the listener can provide the script…who are the main characters in your story?… where did they depart from?… where is the journey taking them?… or you?… be still… close your eyes… and let your imagination soar…

passage \’pas-ij\ n … the action or process of passing from one place or stage to another … a continuous movement or flow … a way of exit or entrance: a road, path, channel, or course by which something passes … something that takes place between two persons mutually … a brief portion of a written work or speech that is noteworthy … a detail of a work of art … a phrase or short section of a musical composition …


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