A Great Facebook Enhancement for Musician Fan Pages

I get pretty wary these days when the folks at Facebook make changes, but here is one that I didn’t notice until recently that is great for people with Facebook fan pages. You now have the ability to use your fan page as if it is your profile page. You can do this temporarily and then switch back to your personal profile page as you are normally used to using it. Here is a screen shot of my fan page and where to make this change:

Here I click on “Use Facebook as Kelly Carpenter” and now Kelly Carpenter Music is my current identity.

Why is this a cool thing? While you have your fan page as your profile page, whatever you share to Facebook now gets posted on your fan page wall instead of your personal wall. This is a great convenience. For example, when I upload a new video to YouTube and use its share feature, the video will post on my fan page instead of my personal page. This is more convenient than having to copy the link and create a post on my fan page.

Anything that has a Facebook share will work this way as my fan page is now set up as my official Facebook profile page. When I get done posting this entry to my blog, I will use the share feature directly.

After you’re done posting to your fan page, you can switch Facebook back to use your personal page as your profile page. Here I click on “Use Facebook as Kelly” and things work as usual. Anything I share to Facebook now gets shared on my personal wall.

It is very important to switch back because while your fan page is your profile page, your personal profile page wall is hidden. But you can switch back and forth as often as you like, so use it when you need it, then switch back.

Cool eh?


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