Will I get my “smojo” back?

Shock and horror envelop me as I realize how absent I have been on the social media scene these days. Yes, you’ve heard it before: I have been seriously engrossed in my latest record project. I’m finding it’s been pretty hard these days to come up for air, dust off the Facebook thingy, scrub some rust off the Twitterator. And blogging again? The thought fills me with panic. I am so rusty, I’m not sure what to blog about.

So now I am worried: Will I ever get my smojo back?

You know what I mean: Smojo is the “mojo” of social media. Smojo. I think I lost it.

People’s exhibits A, B, and C: I seem to have bloggers block. I am almost voiceless and faceless on Facebook. And I am about 140 characters short of a full Tweet. Serious hypo-smojo.

For a while I thought I could overcome my smojo deficiency by getting into video blogging. I bought a webcam, found out it wouldn’t work with my Mac, bought another webcam, it seems to work only half the time. Why the webcam when I already have a digital camcorder? Well I wanted to do screen casts of me mucking about in my music tools as I finished working on my record. That and I plan to do some live streaming house concerts which I discovered can’t be done with my camcorder. So pesky technical obstacles persist that will one day be overcome with time and attention.

Meanwhile, I need to get my smojo back. So I’m jumping back in the game with nothing more to say than that I have nothing more to say than this: Here I am. Hello world once again.

Incidentally, I decided to google “smojo” and discovered it’s the name of a band. Well it’s no longer just the name of a band. Unless they trademarked it. Then I’m in trouble.


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