Where’s Kelly?

Okay, so I just Googled me and discovered that I have the top two hits on Google!! Can you believe that? I don’t think that has ever happened before. Yes, I know, the idea of me engaging in self-googlization seems horribly narcissistic, but the truth is, as someone who is now doing music professionally and is “out there”, I need to know just how “out there” I really am. And now I have given you all sorts of room to think up snide remarks.

I have been so immersed in Secret Project New Song that I haven’t blogged on this WordPress site or updated my News column on my website in a few weeks. I’m thinking, “Wow what a total biscuit head I am!” So here I am at least checking in. Yes, I have been working on a new song. No, it hasn’t come easily, so I have spent quite a few (as in major understatement) hours writing and recording the song. My good friend Scott Burnett helped a little with lyrics. He also played lead guitar on the recording. I told him I wanted him to play like it was the last guitar solo on earth. And he did! And the church that he works at, UPC, helped out with singing on some of the later choruses. And my wife Merrilyn is helping me out with some additional vocal work and finding photos and footage for the video that is almost done.

So ANY DAY NOW.. this will be “released” as a video on YouTube. That is how songs actually get “out there” these days. This will not be a fancy “music video” video, but mostly a collection of stills and some footage somewhat timed to the music, and unlike most music players, you can imbed YouTube videos practically everywhere which is why it is the way to release a song.

The song is called “Peace On The Earth” and is about PEACE and seems somewhat appropriate to release during the holidays but is not a Christmas song. It is actually an angry song about peace, but in a good way. Got you curious?

So, really any day now…

Peace out!


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One response to “Where’s Kelly?

  1. Herbert

    Oy. That makes the rest of us narcissists! CTM (chuckling to myself)!

    And YES, we are curious to hear this “angry” piece! Looking forward to it!


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