Ways to Help Out: Get Viral!

Hopefully my title was intriguing and not off-putting. I would hate to scare people away with words like “get viral”. Notice I didn’t say “get a virus”. That would mean a totally different thing, of course. I heartily recommend avoiding all viruses, computer or otherwise. So, just to set the record straight, I am saying “no” to viruses and “yes” to virality. Is “virality” a word? Probably not. How about “viralses”? Or perhaps “virali”, although that last one sounds like a pasta noodle or a medication. So, having established my support for getting viral, with no clue how to turn that into a plural, I am getting around to what the heck I am talking about. Here it is:

Lately I have encountered quite a few people who I see only occasionally, and their greeting is accompanied by encouraging words like, “I have really been enjoying your blog posts.” or “I like the videos.” or “Digging your website.” It’s heartening to know that people are enjoying what I’m doing, and occasionally I’ll see a comment or a “like” on Facebook and I am encouraged by it. As most of you know, I am just starting out trying to do this music thing full time, and part of my business growth is propelled by spreading the word via social media about what I do.

If you want to get behind what I am doing there are some simple things you can do to help out: get viral!

What does it mean for something to go viral? Perhaps you remember the old saying: “Some people told someone and then those people told someone else and then those people in turn told someone, and so on and so on and so on”. You can help spread the word about what I am doing simply by sharing my posts, blogs, videos, invites, etc. on your profile. When you share something of mine to your profile, it becomes visible in your news feed which all of your friends see. If they in turn share it on their profile, it will in turn get shared on their news feed and become visible to their friends. This is called going “viral”. Here is a specific example:

Let’s say I post a video blog on YouTube and then share a link to it on my Facebook profile. This will show up in the news feed of some of my 600 or so Facebook friends. Let’s say you are one of those friends who see this on your news feed, you watch the video and enjoy it and then decide to share it on your profile with a comment like “This is something really cool that a friend of mine is doing. Go check it out.”. Suppose you have 600 friends, and your profile post shows up in some of their news feeds and they in turn share the video. Well, You get the idea. Let’s say that out of 600 friends, perhaps the post shows up in 100 news feeds*. And let’s say that 20 percent share the post with some encouraging comment like “love the video!”. Here’s the math:

  • Video shows up first in 100 of my friend’s news feed, and 20 share it to their profile with a nice word
  • The video now shows up in 2,000 of their friend’s news feeds (20 shares x 100), 20% of their friends share (400)
  • The video now shows up in 40,000 news feeds (400 x 100), 20% of those people share (8,000)
  • The video now shows up in how many news feeds?  _____ (hint: 8,000 x 100)

Now, here is the cool thing about this: Every person in this scenario only had to share the video once!

* Perhaps you’re wondering where the 100 comes in. Things that you post don’t show up in all of your friend’s news feeds. I’m not sure what the real percentage is, so I just pulled something out of the air, such as 100 out of 600. (Actual results may vary. Past performance is no guarantee of future earnings. All maneuvers performed on a closed track with professional stunt drivers. “Virali” is not for everyone. Although rare, tell your doctor if any of these serious side effects occur: bleeding, rashes, bleeding from rashes, severe muscle and joint pain, an unresistable urge to sing songs from “Phantom of the Opera” in supermarkets, trouble breathing, coma, or death.)

So this is how you can help me out and “spread the love”. Perhaps you are thinking of sharing this blog post (do it) or the following video (yeah, do that too!) or the following fan list signup (where people get a link to a free song emailed to them).

Thanks for your support!!

Here’s my latest video which shows outtakes from my recording session in Canada:

If you click on the “YouTube” button, it will take you to YouTube and you can then Share to your facebook profile.

Here is a song download widget you can share right here to Facebook, and your friends can share, and so on:

And finally, you can click on the “Share this” Facebook link below to share this blog post.

Cheers and thanks for sharing (and caring)!


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