Ulnar Neuritus, My Story

Since I have been recently having problems again with my hand, I decided to write a post about my condition in the hopes that it may help others who have suffered with similar issues.

What Is Ulnar Neuritus?

To quote the FreeMD website: “A person with ulnar neuritis has inflammation of the ulnar nerve in the arm, which results in hand numbness or hand weakness. Ulnar neuritis is usually caused by activities that place constant pressure against the ulnar nerve at the elbow or wrist. Ulnar neuritis may also be caused by repetitive motion at the elbow or wrist.”

For me, it started with numbness and tingling in the ring and little finger of my right hand. It then progressed to aching, stiffness, and occasional sharp shooting pains in the fingers and the back edge of my wrist and forearm, and the funny bone part of the elbow.

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