Join My Mailing List, Get a Free Song, Now What?

This will be my shortest blog post ever! Well, almost. I just posted a new free download track on BandCamp and they now have given me something I can easily put on my blog page. Very cool! I’m sending out my next newsletter soon, so be sure to sign up.

Perhaps you are someone who is not really sure what it means to download a song and what to do with it after you do. I have provided a short tutorial below. I hope this helps.

And here’s the song… Enjoy!

Q: I clicked on the Play button above and I’m enjoying listening to the song right here. Why would I want to download it?

A: Well, two things. First, when you download a song, you have your own copy of it that you can put on an iPod, Zune, or any of the other MP3 players out there. Second, you support me as an artist by joining my mail list. If you like what I do, then joining my list is one good way to spread the word about my music. I also offer exclusive free songs from my monthly newsletter. Everyone likes to get free stuff, and I hope that you will encourage your friends to sign up so they can get free stuff too.

Q: What happens when I click on Download?

A: You will be redirected to my BandCamp site. And then a little window will ask you for your email address and what format you’d like the song to be in. Choosing the default option, a high-quality MP3, will give you a hi-fidelity version of the song. The other options are for geeks, so just ignore them. Oh, and it wants your zip code too.

Q: Then what happens?

A: You get a message that says you will get an email with your download instructions. If you check your mail inbox, you will see a message from me that says “Your Download from Kelly Carpenter”.

Q: What if I don’t get an email?

A: It probably means that your email provider thinks that the message is junk mail or spam. No worries, go to your junk mail folder and look for the email. In some cases, you will have to move the email to your inbox before your mail service will let you click on any links.

Q: Okay, I see the email, now what?

A: Click on the link where it says “click on the following link”. A new window will open up on the BandCamp site (again), and you will see a little message that says:

“We’re preparing your download. In the meantime, please watch this thing spin around.”

Yes, the people at BandCamp have quite the sense of humor. What’s happening is they are formatting the music in the format you chose (MP3 if you selected the default), and this usually takes about 30 seconds.

Q: So, it says it’s downloading. What does that mean?

A: The details of the download depend on whether you are on a Mac or a PC. However, there is a nice link to a page that tells you all you need to know about how to add the downloaded song to iTunes or Windows Media Player.  BandCamp really holds your hand through the process.

Oh, and one more thing! It will also tell you to take the opportunity to tell you friends on Facebook or Twitter that you like the song. Please do. I love adding people to my mailing list and getting to know them.

Oh, and one more one more thing! You will notice that there are other songs to download on the page. When you click on them, you get those free too!! It doesn’t ask  you for your email again. Pretty cool, eh?


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