A dark night… and then a ray of light

Hopefully my title doesn’t come off as overdramatic, but yesterday (October 5, 2010) will be a day I will always remember.

It started out the night before. I simply could not sleep. Every once in a while I have what can best be described as a mild panic attack. I know people who have full-fledged panic attacks and I don’t put my experience in that category. But, sleepless in Seattle I was.  (To be technical, I live in Woodinville, a suburb of Seattle, but close enough.)

What was robbing me of sleep, you may ask? (Even if you didn’t ask, play along.) It was me totally freaking out, wrestling with the question, “How the heck am I going to be able to make a living off of music?”. Yes, I’ve blogged about this before. Yes, I am still freaking out. Most of the time, the freaking out part of me is submerged by the optimistic “things are going to work out” part. Except at night.

In the morning I decided it would help if I worked through this anxiety by journaling. As I was journaling, it occurred to me that it might help if I sat down with Excel and start doing some financial workups. My problem to solve: How to build up the business to achieve a certain average monthly revenue by January 2013. I have more to write about this in a subsequent blog post as I would love to get people’s input and suggestions. It really does take a village.

It helped to journal; it helped to do some math, but it didn’t take away
the overwhelming question: How am I going to make this work?

And then, suddenly, I get this text message from 40404 (meaning someone on Twitter sent me a direct message). If you’ve been following along with me on this journey, you know that I have participated in the Music Success in Nine Weeks (MSi9W) blog challenge over the summer. It was a contest, the winner receiving a complimentary 3-month full PR campaign. My Twitter message yesterday afternoon was from the Ariel Hyatt, the author of the MSi9W and the moderator and judge of the blog challenge.

Guess what? I WON!!

Can you believe it? It’s been over 24 hours and I am still in a state of shock. A 3-month PR campaign. Wow. Pinching myself. At some point it will sink in.

And then to cap things off, yesterday was my parent’s 65th anniversary. 65 years!! Amazing. My brother and I took them to Outback and we all had a delightful dinner. The manager treated them to a glass of champagne. It is a total miracle that my Dad is still with us. The medical people shake their heads in amazement. He is one tenacious 86-year old. What a blessing!!

So, a dark night followed by some wonderful news and then a celebration.

A day to remember, indeed!



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7 responses to “A dark night… and then a ray of light

  1. Linda Keeney

    I have been following along… That’s so wonderful!!!

  2. Brad Notman

    Congrats Kelly! Your studio video was cool too! You’re an inspiration to all us 50-ish musicians out there. :~)

  3. Rob

    Many congratulations on the win, Kelly! You’re an inspiration.

  4. it was quite pleasant this morning to read through your blog and watch the birth of the beginning of a journey (+ congrats for the win!) Thinking about the “continuum” part : what is clear is that you are courageous, self-disciplined and a very talented writer (though maybe you were not aware of the first 2 some weeks ago ?). What i miss – and maybe it’s the next step – is the composer : i have no idea of how you compose, why, or where you want to go musically. The risk could be that the blog (and the name) become famous as a self-marketing reference, but what about the music ? I think your new album should show the best music you’ve ever composed so far, rather than the best self-marketed album. But things have gone so fast so quickly that you’re probably right using that new energy to develop new skills ! But please don’t forget the music !!

    • Hi Bruz,

      Thank you for your intriguing comments. They are well timed. I am right in the middle of working on my next album and feel I’m in a tug of war over the direction it’s going to take. Either way, I know it will be my best work ever. But I also need to be mindful of where my best market is. We’ll see what happens and of course I’ll blog about it. ;-)

      Thanks again!

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