Here We Go… One Week ’til Recording

Yes, it’s hard to believe how fast this month has gone by. I’m now down to one week left before we head into the studio to record my next instrumental “album”. This is very exciting! I feel like I still have a lot of prep work to do this week, so I have generally given up sleeping. Just kidding. (Although I couldn’t sleep much last night.)

Before I knew it, this blog post was close to 600 words with no end in sight. It was a tragic example of my inability to reign in reckless verbosity. But then I took a stand and said “NO” to the waste. (It was as if there was a “Tea Party” demonstration inside my head.) I knew I needed to break this up into several blog posts, so I did the right thing. You’ll thank me. I’ll thank me.

Now that that’s settled, back to my story:  I’m making a new “record”. On a side note, is “record” the correct term anymore? Do we call them “records” or “albums” or simply “CDs” or will any of those labels do? I certainly don’t want to appear un-hip. And if you, like me, think any of these descriptions are okay, does that mean you are a baby boomer?

But I digress…It was nine years ago since I made my last “record”. If you haven’t heard it, the best way I can describe it is that it is very soothing. People have found it calming when in tense situations, have used it to fall asleep to, have used it to calm special needs children who get agitated–let’s just say it is therapeutic. It has also been useful for yoga, massage, prayer, and meditation. It was mostly me playing piano, either solo, or with my good friends Scott Burnett or Andy Park accompanying me on guitar. There is a bit of percussion here or there, as well as a few background synths.

For the last few years, I have planned to do a followup, what would essentially be “Volume 2” of my “Songs for the Silence” series. My niece, Jennifer, has been persistently asking me over the years, “When is Volume 2 coming out?”. I must admit that I had gotten rather stuck regarding Vol. 2 and I feel like I’ve had a rough time getting inspiration. The truth of the matter is that Vol. 1 is a hard act to follow–people have loved it–and I figured that to put out more of the same kind of thing would be a bit of a let down. So I decided to not have Vol. 2 sound like Vol. 1. What to do?

Then suddenly, inspiration struck this past July while I was playing at a conference in Canada. I knew what I wanted to do and how to go about doing it. But, out of compassion for our collective attention spans, I’ll continue this story in my next blog post tomorrow. Until then…


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