Shiver me Twitters: Music Success in Nine Weeks – More Week Four

Last evening, I had one of those moments. You know, one of those “A-ha!” moments. A little tightening of the chest, the gentle misting of the eyes, the faint sound of angels rejoicing in the heavens. It was truly glorious.

My wife and I have been camping out on the USA Network the past couple of months watching their NCIS marathons. We had never even thought about checking out NCIS prior to this ‘cuz we thought it was just another one of those CSI rip-offs. Boy were we WRONG. With our trusty DVR set up to record every episode we have ourselves a steady supply with which to chill in the late evening before trouncing off to beddie bye land.

It was last evening, during one of these episodes, one that I had already seen but my wife hadn’t, where I was half watching the show while also a-twittering about on my new cool Mac Book Pro, that I had my EPIPHANY. I got SO excited, I almost peed my pants! (Not really; I’m not that old yet–still firmly in control of my bladder, thank you very much.)

I have this cool app called Echofon for my tweeters. I’m sure the other ones work like this too, but when I click on someone’s username, a thingy slides out on the right and it shows that person’s twitter feed. I can then click on any @user they are referring to and it then shows that person’s twitter feed, and so on and so one. I can read anybody’s feed if they are mentioned. I can then take any of these tweets and either reply or retweet.

It’s like I now have access to people that can be several degrees of separation from me. I can retweet and reply to people. I can also follow those that I find interesting. And perhaps these people will look at my feed and determine whether or not I have something interesting to say and perhaps want to follow me.

Wow! I just had to share this. The light bulb has TOTALLY come on for me–like major serious halogen 1300 watt retina-burning light–like meteor showers over Jupiter while 12 million people are singing “Total Eclipse of the Sun” and other events of galactic proportion!! I’m so freaking out.

So, all to say, I GET IT NOW! I get the Twitter thing. I just had to share my joy with EVERYONE!!

Now back to finishing up Week #6: My Newsletter Empire!!



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2 responses to “Shiver me Twitters: Music Success in Nine Weeks – More Week Four

  1. Shiver me timbers, Kelly! Isn’t DVR like one of the coolest inventions ever?! ;-) Twitter is pretty cool too!

    Great blog post you have here – good luck with the blog challenge!

    (one of Ariel’s judges)

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