The Pitch Is Back: Music Success in Nine Weeks – Week 2 Redeux

Ariel wrote something very important about creating the perfect pitch: “…what you are about to do is exactly like writing a song. It takes some honing and some tweaking…” Boy is that the truth! I complete songs at a pace that best can be described as glacial: Write this part here, a few years later another part matures. Of course I do not have years to come up with the perfect pitch. I was hoping it would take a day, but I could only get so far. And then I went off to Canada to do some music and while there, hastily finished my last post while I could find an internet connection.

Ultimately, I was not happy with the pitch I came up with:

“Piano chill with splashes of jazz and Americana, like if Jim Brickman got together with Dave Grusin and Bruce Hornsby at the beach to watch the sunset.”

Not to beat myself up, but after cogitating on it a little while, I realized this was sort of lame. I also wonder how many people know who these guys are that I’m referring to. Bruce Hornsby, maybe. But overall, you’d have to be boomer or an old-school X’er to know who these people are. I don’t wish to limit my audience.

So I tossed out the reference to other artists. Then I worked to describe the music on its own terms and what type of mood it creates. I also had to encompass the evolution of my older material (recorded nine years ago) to my newer material (not yet recorded). My older stuff was sort of new age piano with bits of jazz and Americana riffs thrown in there. My newer material is more chill, but not in the classic downtempo sense, but more in a post-rock or dream pop sense. I don’t want to use the term “new age” as it is a throwback to the 80’s at this point.

So here goes the latest version of my pitch, and the one I will stay with for the foreseeable future:

“Instrumental piano infused with splashes of chill, jazz, Americana and post-rock. Perfect for daydreaming, relaxing with friends, and beach sunsets.


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