Stops and Irons: Music Success in Nine Weeks – Week 1, Part B

In yesterday’s episode I opened up the creaky, dusty door into the very depths of my soul, exposing myself to the world at large about my need for quality coaching, my aversion to any sort of goal-setting and planning, my self-doubts, the moles wreaking havoc in my spiritual lawn. Now, naked and vulnerable, I venture out into the brisk sunlight of possibility. “Oh here I am, bright and beckoning world!!” I cry with utter abandon…

I feel a musical coming on. Perhaps I should develop Music Success in Nine Weeks into a musical. Wouldn’t that be something? I might get hung up a bit, however, when it comes to setting Week 2 to music. There are only a few things that rhyme with “pitch” and they are not pretty. But of course I am getting ahead of myself again…

Today I finish up my Week 1 work by listing my focus areas, my goals, and my plans. I have to get psyched up for this. (Mission statements and objectives are not my bag, baby.) “Okay, relax” I tell my inner child. “Take deep cleansing breaths. That’s better.” What to focus on, that is the question…

Oh Holy Crap, Batman!! The thing is, I want/need to do EVERYTHING!! Ariel provides a possible list of focus areas and I have most of them circled. Obviously I want to pull out all the stops and put all of my irons in the fire. Very overwhelming!! (Okay, get a hold of yourself man. “Climb every mountain; ford every stream” is just a song from a musical sung by cheerful nuns.)

So, I whittled things down to about 10 focus areas:

A. Branding – Create a pitch and unique selling point around wellness and self-help
B. Marketing – Develop market channels for my piano instrumentals
C. Online & Social Media Strategies – Build out Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc.
D. Website – Get my main website up and running as well as the related sites
E. Recording – Produce 1 instrumental CD and 1 production music CD this year
F. Number of CD’s/downloads – The instrumental: at least 100 a month (is that too low?)
G. Songs written or produced – At least 1 per month and posted on my songwriting site, KelSongs
H. Building fan base – Provide freebies, develop and advertise live events
I. Number of people at your next gig – How about 20 for my live streaming event?
J. Film and TV placements – Get picked up by a production music company
K. Mental health – Daily reading, meditating, journalling, walking, praying

From each of these focus areas, using my lettering system, I filled out three notebook pages of goals, writing them in the form of statements visualizing that they are already happening. Here are a few:

A. Today I have developed my 15-second pitch.
A. Today I have developed a new business card with my 15-second pitch on it
B. Today I have gotten together with supportive friends and brainstormed on marketing strategies for my instrumental CD
B. Today I have executed on my first marketing strategy
D. Today I have met with a logo designer
D. Today I have had professional portrait photos taken
D. Today I have researched web design services and music-career oriented sites

And then I noticed that some of my goals applied to more than one focus area. We call that synergy, don’t we? (I know!)

C & I. Today I have purchased an HD camcorder
C & I. Today I have purchased a webcam for live streaming
C & I. Today I have performed a trial run of my live show
C & I. Today I have posted a video of me performing my famous song on YouTube
E & J. Today I have finished creating 50 production music rough ideas for consideration

So I obviously have a lot of stuff that I want to do and need to do to move forward. The hard part is putting dates on them. But I can do it. The section on “Getting Goals to Happen” is especially helpful. Doing something every day, list your five successes, make lists, etc. I can do it.

For years I have used a very simple system for managing my ADD brain. I have a composition book or business journal, and each day I write the date and what I want to get accomplished. I put little check boxes in front of the list. (I have my wife to thank for the checkboxes idea.) I also include notes on research I’ve done, meetings, phone calls, song ideas, etc. I rarely get all the things done on that day’s list, so I will carry over the undone items to the next day. I use that in combination with a calendar. So I have a ready-made system for integrating my music business goals as well as my five successes.

The hard part about setting even short-term goals with dates is that my 86-year-old dad has been in and out of the hospital most of this year. So any timeframes have to be pretty fluid. I also need to be able to rest as needed when my hand condition acts up.

I need to remember two things: Be flexible and don’t get overwhelmed. Yes, this is your career, but don’t forget to have fun! (Okay, that was three things.)

So here are six music goals for the next 12 months:

1. This year I have created a strong web presence and have all of my online tools in place to build a fan base
2. This year I have had my first instrumental CD reviewed favorably at least 10 times and have reached at least 100 units of sales per month
3. This year I have grown my fan base to at least 1,000
4. This year I have recorded and produced one new instrumental CD and one production music library CD
5. This year I have built up my live performances to at least one per month
6. This year I have written and published at least 12 songs and have posted them to my songwriting site

Wow, I’ve written them down and presented them to cyberspace. They’re now real. I am touched. I am misting up. I think I’ll give myself a big hug and sing Climb Every Mountain. (Or not.)


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