Dad, July 2010

It has been a while since I have written about my dad. In case you haven’t been following this story, my dad has been in and out of the hospital for the past four months. On March 1, he underwent surgery to correct a problem with his intestines. The surgery was supposedly was successful, but it became clear after a few days that something had gone terribly wrong.

It turns out that his bowel ruptured and infection was now raging through his body. He was in ICU for a week, on a ventilator, and appeared to have failing kidneys. Thanks to the wonder of close family, prayer, Facebook, and more prayer, he started to recover. He then spent the next two weeks at the hospital and was then sent to a rehab facility. Finally at the beginning of May, he returned home.

He seemed to be getting stronger for a while. But then there were days when he seemed very weak, was sleeping excessively, and could barely walk or get out of the chair. After episodes of seemingly failing he would get better. But eventually the setbacks were more frequent and severe and he had to be sent back to the hospital. They found that he was still fighting off infection. After a few days he was sent back to the rehab facility.

One day last week he spiked a fever and was sent down to the hospital again. It was then that they discovered that there were areas of infection that his body was not able to fight off. After receiving a CAT scan they discovered that one of his kidneys was completely blocked and was most likely infected, so they decided to put in a stent in order to allow the affected kidney to train into his bladder, this was a minimally invasive operation and we had high hopes that this would resolve the problems he was having with being able to heal overall.

When they performed the operation, however, they discovered that his bladder was massively infected, so much so that the doctor commented that rarely have they seen a bladder infection so bad. This was a dark moment for our family, to say the least.

However, after the surgery, my dad started to improve dramatically. Within one day, his vitality was back, in fact, more vital than we had seen him for weeks. Within two days, his white blood count, which was the main indicator of how bad his infection was, returned to normal levels. And yesterday, he was discharged from the hospital and returned to the rehab facility. My brother and I visited him yesterday and he appears healthier than we have seen him in several weeks.

We are once again hopeful that he will make a full recovery. Most encouraging is that his state of mind has improved remarkably It had appeared for a while that he was losing the hope that he would ever get back on his feet and be able to return to a normal life. But now it is obvious that he has hope again and is thinking about the activities he will be doing in the future. This to us is nothing short of amazing.

This has been a long road, beset with many a setback. We are hoping and praying that there’ll be no more setbacks at least for the foreseeable future. Of main concern is whether or not his damaged kidney will recover and become fully viable again. If his kidney is too far gone, they will have to surgically remove his kidney. This type of surgery is very risky for someone who is 86 years old. So we are praying that his damaged kidney will become viable again.

I am more and more impressed with the power of prayer. I will have more to write about prayer as I continue to reflect. But for now, I am eternally grateful for all of the prayers that have been given on dad’s behalf. Thank you so much.


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