Picture Day

Yesterday, Nigel Burnett and I hung out most of the day. He brought along a camera and a few lenses. I brought my person and a few changes of shirts. The objective of our outing was to take many, many,  (as in hundreds of) photos of me in order to eventually select a few that would be suitable for various PR purposes in my fledgling music enterprises. I am horribly self-conscious about having photos taken of me, but I suppose most people feel that way about themselves too.

Nigel is the son of one of our closest all-time best friends, Scott and Hilary Burnett. We have known these elder Burnetts for over 26 years. We remember when Scott and Hilary were trying to come up with names for Nigel before Nigel was Nigel, back in the days when you didn’t know if you were going to get a boy or a girl until the day of his or her birth. It makes me think that I sound real old just writing that. Kind of like me writing that I remember when they invented paper towels or when McDonalds had an ad on television boasting how you could buy a whole meal at McDonalds and still get change back from your dollar.

But I digress. (You think?) I love the fact that there are really no rules in blogging, as in I can just go down any old rabbit trail my fingers carry me. Just call me “Rabbit Fingers”.

But back to the photo shoot. I had seen a few of Nigel’s photos on Facebook and could tell that he just has “the eye”. I also needed some ideas of what to wear for the photos for the “professional” look so I consulted the family fashion advisor, Hilary Burnett. The whole Burnett family is artsy and creative. (Scott and I have co-written music for years.) What fun!

I wanted to get some pictures around a piano so we went to University Presbyterian Church where Scott is the Worship and Arts Director. It’s a huge church and there are lots of places to go lurking about to find the right light and shade. They also have at least half a dozen pianos and we found one room where all this light comes down through the skylight. We also loitered around some stairwells.

Speaking of loitering. Unfortunately this church, which is in the heart of the university district, just recently had to implement a new policy where they won’t let vagrants loiter in or about the building. Apparently some had become aggressive and threatening and all it takes are a few bad apples to spoil the whole lot. It’s too bad, the church wants to help out people in need, but also has to balance safety for those who conduct business there. The situation is heart wrenching.

A few times, Nigel and I would encounter some raised eyebrows and I would assure them that we were not vagrants and that our presence was indeed sanctioned.

We finally tired of the church setting and went to my favorite Seattle neighborhood: Fremont. It was well past lunch, so we each had a pint and a plate of fish and chips at the Red Door. Great food! Then we lurked about various alleyways to get some street shots. We especially got some good ones outside Theo Chocolates which is this cool brick building. And they have killer chocolate.

So, all in all, a very good outing. We got some good pictures and it was great to hang out with Nigel and get to know him a little better. Thanks Nigel!


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