I tend to be quite a pensive fellow. (I got cured of that for awhile–I guess you could say I was expensive during that period.) Sorry, couldn’t resist that knee-slapper right there. You may ask, “Kelly, what does ‘pensive’ mean?” I have used this word for years, but I thought I’d look it up just in case I have been misusing it. Mr. Webster says it means “1. musingly or dreamily thoughtful, or 2. suggestive of sad thoughtfulness”. I can see those definitions applying, but perhaps it is more accurate to say that I am anxious.

Anyway, to the point–and I have one–as I am determined to spend only 15 minutes on this blog post…

I was in the car the other day in a pensive (or anxious) mood and I realized that some calming music would do me some good. Whilst scrolling through my lists of artists in my iPod, I happened upon a group that is probably my favorite group of the ’90s, a group called Iona. In particular, their record entitled “Journey to the Morn” I usually find quite soothing.

During stressful moments, there is something about certain music that is soothing, like standing under a shower, or a waterfall of warm water (is that what they are like in Hawaii?). Listening to Iona the other day was like that. I felt a respite from my anxious musings.

Iona is not, as you may think, a New Age group. Rather they are an interesting melange of Celtic, Rock, Atmospheric, even Jazz. They were fronted vocally by an Irish singer named Joanna Hogg who has a very calming voice, not unlike Maire Brennan of Clannad–in fact, they did a record together in later years. You should definitely check them out.

I aim for the same or similar effect with my piano instrumental music: soothing, calm, therapeutic. I recently asked fans on my Facebook artist page what type of record I should put out this year if I were to only do one record. They responded that they would love another instrumental. So, I will definitely be doing that this year, mark my words. Nag me if you don’t hear anything about it over the coming months.



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2 responses to “Iona

  1. Thanks for the prod to rediscover Iona. I have a number of their albums. For some reason, I haven’t spent much time listening to them, and a lot more listening to the Brennen sisters in their various incarnations. A Hogg/Brennan collaboration? Cool! Gonna check it out. Keep on keeping on.

  2. Mark

    Iona is still around and I believe they just finished a new album. They are touring the US this summer too. One of my fave bands, specially their double live CD.


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