Linda Perry

You may know who Linda Perry is. She is a contemporary songwriter and producer for the pop market. She has written songs such as Pink’s “Get the Party Started” and Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful”. Every year, she leads a session at the ASCAP Expo.

This year she did something a little different.

In this most recent event, she randomly picked people out of the audience and had them perform a song they wrote. After each song, she would provide her feedback, and she would invite two or three people to provide their feedback. They had mic’s set up between each of the three aisles for people to give the feedback.

For a while everything went smoothly. People behaved themselves.

Then, one of the people giving feedback siezed the opportunity to ask if he could come up and present a song. Gutsy. But Linda praised the person for his initiative, saying something like “This is how you get somewhere in the music business.” And she let him come up and do his song.

I’m not sure she realized that this would turn the session into pandemonium. Now people got up to the aisle mics to no longer give feedback but to campaign for performing their song.

The last 10 minutes became especially unruly. At the very end, people were starting to rush the stage to get up to the stage mic and perform their song a capella. Utter chaos.

I sat through the whole session, politely raising my hand when she asked for people to present their songs, but I, along with 95% of the other attendees, was never chosen. Oh well.

I didn’t go in with unrealistic expectations, but I wonder if I should have not been so polite but rather try something ingenious or gutsy to get her attention. This is so contrary to the way I’m wired.

But it gets me thinking. I have never been very good at promoting myself. I see other people promote themselves and sometimes I find them rather annoying or narcissistic.

I have generally lived a passive and non-intentional life with the mindset that whatever will happen will happen. I suppose I have been resigning myself to fate. I am starting to realize that I can’t wait for things to happen anymore. I need to go out there and take the initiative. If God doesn’t want me to go in a particular direction, I am confident he will throw up a roadblock.

So I have a lot to chew on. A lot of ideas from what I learned at the Expo. This will be quite an adventure.

Curious to see what other people think. When does self promotion get too much?



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3 responses to “Linda Perry

  1. When does self promotion go too far? Great question. I believe in strong self-promotion, but it must be tempered by the character and integrity of who we are. Behaving like a wind-up-toy at an open mic is not meaningful self-promotion. I believe it is incumbent on us to learn how to put our best foot forward, then actually do it, again and again, learn more, try more ideas, repeat the cycle. To infinity and beyond.

  2. Phil, thanks for your comments. What do you mean by “behaving like a wind-up-toy at an open mic”?

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