I looked at my stats today. By “stats” I am referring to the number of times people have visited my blog page.

I noticed that my stats took quite a jump yesterday. I would take this to mean that people are fascinated with poop, since that turned out to be a major subject of my post. Believe it or not, I didn’t really intend for the post to be about poop, it just naturally went that way. It must have been on my mind. How unusual.

I used the word “fascinated” deliberately in the last paragraph as that word can have many meanings. I just looked it up in Webster and it defines “fascinated” as “to transfix and hold spellbound by an irresistible power”. I figure that people are fascinated by things that they are very interested in, and also by things they are shocked and horrified by. Such as when people gawk at the scene of an accident, they are fascinated by it.

This makes me wonder if you, dear reader, are held spellbound by the subject of poop, or are horrified by it. I actually have some useful things to write about on this blog, for instance, my trip to Ecuador. So perhaps I need to do us all a favor and go on a poop hiatus. At least from a blogging standpoint.

Ouch! I still went past 200 words. Well, I have a phone call to make so I need to run.


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