I have worked at Microsoft for most of the past six years. I say “most” since I have not been around much for the past six months due to the hand thing. Microsoft is the land of acronyms. Every group, every department has their own acronyms. Whenever you move from one group to the next, you can blissfully sit in the first few meetings hearing unfamiliar acronyms being tossed about, enjoying the fact that you have no idea what anyone is talking about. Like I said: bliss.

The fact that I wholeheartedly embrace the “ignorance is bliss” concept is one of the many proofs that I am no longer cut out for corporate life.

One acronym that is universal and yet mystifying is the acronym “OOF”. OOF stands of “Out of Office”. Who came up with that? I can see why “OOO” would work, although it is not something you would hear people say. But rarely do I hear someone say “oof” either, unless someone just punched them in the gut. (There is a bit of that at Microsoft, but we’re usually using that term metaphorically, kind of like when we say someone has been “thrown under a bus”.) Rather than saying “oof”, people just say “out of office”.

You may be wondering, “Hey Kelly, what is the point of all this OOF stuff and Acro-speak? I am already into your fourth paragraph and I have no idea where you’re going. What am I getting myself into to?”

Well, reader beware: I am not really going anywhere with this blog post other than to say that I will be OOF for the next week. I am going to Ecuador to participate in a conference at the Vineyard church there. I am not taking a computer with me. I most likely will not be posting to this blog during that time. But I will be back.

Have a nice week!


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