Work and Life

I have been working my way through the book “Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow”. This book, among others I have been reading lately, has been conscious-altering and life-changing for me.

I was reading a portion of the last chapter a few minutes ago while icing my shoulder. One sentence stood out to me: “My work is my life, and my life is my work.”

What a concept! For so much of my life, there has been a tension between life and work, simply because my occupation has been incongruent with who I am, or my “passion” so to speak. My work has primarily been about making a living instead of living according to my true vocation.

Not that there is anything wrong with making a living. That, of course, is living responsibly. I don’t for a minute advocate the idea of shirking responsibility for the sake of “art”.

But I am in a situation now where the only thing holding me back from pursuing my true vocation is fear. Yes, I still need to make a living, but my disability has forced me to renegotiate how I actually make a living. I can no longer work full time in my occupation.

In a strange way, my disability is a gift from God because I am now forced to change how I make a living. It means I need to abandon the security that has held me back from taking the leap of faith. It means I have to truly trust.

If this all works out, and I am able to do that which I truly love, then my work will be my life and my life will be my work.

We’ll see.


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  1. Elsa

    These unwanted transitions are often the best ones. They are feared, unbidden, hedged against; then they happen and while they were our worst fears just prior, the blessing comes through and we’re a new person.

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