Here I was planning to write a blog post every day. I figured it would be good to just get into the habit, get the process going, the juices flowing, the light bulbs glowing, the cattle lowing…you get the picture, but…

But I have been interrupted. Interrupted by something that has been interrupting me for the past eight months. I have developed a condition called Ulnar Neuritis. It is chronic aggravation of the Ulnar nerve. The Ulnar nerve passes along the outside of your arm through a groove in your elbow and down into your hand controlling the ring and little fingers. When the nerve gets aggravated, all sorts of symptoms appear. Usually, there is a little numbness and tingling in the fingers, sometimes aching, sometimes more severe pain. There can also be pain and tenderness at the wrist and elbow.

So, although I was planning to write a post every day, it was bothering my hand way too much. Typing on a computer for any length of time makes my hand feel worse. Resting helps me to recover. This situation is a drag because I make a living with my hands.

To make my life a little easier, I’m trying out speech recognition software. I am currently trying out the speech recognition program that is included in Windows 7. I am trying it now. Supposedly, this is supposed to be faster than typing. In reality, I could have typed this in about a minute. But, it has taken me about 20 minutes to dictate this post. Apparently, the program is supposed to get better at interpreting what I say over time. But for now, I am having to use a lot of correction commands. I am not sure that this is making my life easier, at least not today.

So here I am typing again. I really need to get on with my day. I will write more about being interrupted in future posts because it is a major theme of this blog.

Until then…



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2 responses to “Interrupted

  1. Ooh, sorry your hand is hurting! I had carpal tunnel when I was pregnant and that was bad enough. Have you thought about doing podcasts?

    • Haven’t really thought about podcasting… but I’m thinking about video blogging at some point in the future. I’m noticing that I have to think a bit about what I say before I say it. That’s probably a good thing to learn. There have been times when it would have kept me out of trouble if I would have done that.

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